The Shadow Burns

The shadow burns.
Its brightness masks the misery inside.
Fuel once ignited that repeats itself in fire.
Once upon a time, the truth was mine.
It hovered at the edges of my mind.
I felt it rise in heated reverie.
Desiring a life of infamy.
Awesome feats of daring
born beyond the realm of sharing
destroyed the innocence and harmony.

The shadow burns.
Slow, its rise to glory turns to stone.
Ancient mask of errors passed along.
It never really felt the right or wrong.
Tincture of an alchemist's composure.
Red within the brightness of exposure.
Blood flowing deeper in their cells.
The silt reflects a golden glow.
The core itself is darkly luminous.

The shadow burns.
Bright, the spark of love denied.
Flight into the endless skies began.
Searching for a god that was like men.
The air was thin. The wind was cold.
High upon the mountains, snow
became the greatest height
that they could preach.
The eagle soared above,
just out of reach.

The shadow burns.
Imagining an awesome power.
Creating measured space and hours.
While deep within the safety
of a green and growing valley,
one little candle flamed itself
into eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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