The Spirit of the Dream

Shivers running up their spines.
Remembering when there was time for love.
Each touch became a masterpiece
of enervated rhapsody.
And oh, that kiss!
Divinity expanding!

Faerytales, withstanding time.
Glowing wings, a flight divine.
He and She in loving rhyme.
Then came the treachery.

Alone, the little faery wandered
deep within the woods. Pondering
the feeling of invisible. Unsought, unseen,
'twas like an ever-growing waking dream -
too 'oft of nightmare quality to bear.

The trees were busy reaching for the sky.
even as the loggers' saws revived -
the wind was singing endless lullabies.
A baby's breath, all soft and wet.
The dream was always real.

She always thought the love she gave
would see her through and through
the harshest climbs. But this time
had been different after all. Never
had she felt such pain in any other fall.

She found she couldn't rise
above the hardness of their walls,
not anymore. For distance stretched,
while touch was everything.
But now the magic of the myth
was fading quickly into nothingness.

Under the plaster that blocked out the bright.
And neon lights that pushed the darkness ever
out of sight. Computers thought, instead of
human beings. Electric lies that burned out
nature's sighs. Yet here, the forest whispered
endlessly. For nature roused a deeper need -
the need of feeling free.

Alighting on moss-covered roots.
Her wings to keep her warm.
She slept through yet another
human storm. Dreaming only
of another dew-born morn
and loving nature's beauty.

Deep within the dream,
the lightning struck her
at the level of the heart.
Yet still, the spirit of her
ever loving dreams
still finds a way to just
live on and on...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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