The Opening

Right there - that point -
where it all falls down around you
They opened you. They never
let you close. It never really
mattered what you chose.

Eternal links, internally demanding.
Rise and fall, the pressure still commanding
more and more of less and less of you.
The secrets sang. The flow repressed.
Regression pulled, the future torn in half.

Pretending that there was no aftermath.
Worn out, you slept. To dream another
dream of inner paths too long abandoned.
Overgrown with twisted vines.
Crush the grapes and drink the wine.

It never seemed to matter anyway.
Giving love into their apathy.
Filling full, then filled with dread.
It's all they ever really had to give.
One-sided thoughts that led to ugly deeds.

The terror spreading underground.
The sharpness of the reeds that rose
with water rushing all around.
Like needles pinching in the act
of movement. Thus the aftermath
continued to imbue the atmosphere.

To take a breath and breathe in all their fear.
Avoidance not an option. It was everywhere
the same. Stemming from the politics
of every game they played. Dishonesty
abundant in the grace of their displays.

Halfway round the world, you found
another soul still reaching for the whole.
Or so they said. Written in a lovely
kind of prose that made your head
spin round in wonder.

So hard to spy the lies that held
such distance in between.
They spoke in terms of dreams
that proved to be no more than fantasy.
Alas, you had the heart to still believe.
Still, the ghostly images of sustained need
broke in.
And there - that point - it all
fell down around you yet again.
They opened you. They never
let you close. It never really
mattered what you chose.

Responsibility's a tricky thing.
The nuances too many,
growing into lands of plenty,
just for them. While there you stay,
still washed away by promises
they never meant to keep.

You weep, and yet these tears
just cannot heal all the years
of such abuse. You rant and
rave aloud, so deep inside.
Torn apart, while spreading
love within the world wide.

Chemistry that changed its tone.
The lone turned into loneliness.
The howling of the wolf that lost its mate.
Echoing upon another icy wind of state.
Humidity sets in again, in earnest.
The heavens sigh another song of blue.

Sunshine burning into skin.
The shade trees cut down by their sin.
The desert gains another victory.
Within the realm of all their make-believe.
Fantasies computerized. An underworld
that rose too high to ever be controlled.

The home you worked so hard to build.
The jealousy of other wills that try so hard
to take it all away. A drawer full of bills
you cannot pay. Charged by others
whims and wants. While all the deeper
needs were shunned and passed back
through that opening to you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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