Through the Distance

Torn in two by the distance between us.
Heart and soul still needing only thee.
And oh, if only once more, I might
feel your loving touch of flesh
within reality.

The days are long, the nights too dark
to bear. Do you remember when
we dared to love each other all the way?
Look deep into the eye of mind and see
the way that we once were together.

Then face the storms along the course
of every choice you ever dared make real.
Feel the thunder of the crashing waves.
White foam atop a deep cerulean -
just before immensity crashed down
upon the shore.

A condor flying high within the sky.
White wings spread to catch the drift
of wonder drawing nigh - amid the cold
and darkness ever seeking warmth
within the winter skies.

Untouched by all the raging majesty.
Eyes out of focus, feeling out the breeze.
Heart beating with the ease of every glide.
While once, within the deity of sky,
she spied him there.

Vision of a soul that must be hers.
Different than a looking glass,
or images created out of mirrors.
Ethereal, the tone of glowing light
o'er endless seas.

Polar lights that struck with force,
driving them off any course they chose.
Left to right, or front to back -
high to low, the crash was echoing.
Imminent among their endless dreams.

A wondrous world of light and of soul.
The one true magic always sought
within the realms of ever growing whole.
Mysterious, the feelings led them on.

Denied at once, then sought again.
Within this life of love that never ends.
And so the cycles live themselves
through time and space and distance;
as magnetically, eternity draws near...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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