Thus Begun

The air is heavy, trembling
inside their human lungs.
Complete in the dark, an unknown.
Where once they sought to take my life from me,
here in this ardent emptiness, I find I still exist.
Still waiting for the weight of all their greed
to fall and crush me here.

Perhaps if I refuse to take another breath,
the shadows' mist will curl into itself
and disappear. Alone is safe, but never
a place that I wanted to be.
An echo of beauty that touches
the strings of my heart.
A memory of love that cannot die.

Clock ticking in the silence of
a background still the same.
The difference surely felt, but unretained.
Time hanging in the heavy air.
Moments of an undiluted pain
that simply won't let go.
Eternity without its golden glow.

The positive and negative are one.
The tried and true is tired - on the run.
The good and bad united
in a moment's sympathy.
Their reasons, soon or late,
would make them bleed.

High within the heavens, yet another
star is born - in echoes of a horn of long ago.
A trembling note of glory ever buried
in the stories of their lives.
As darkness seeks a dawning light,
the flight of all 'I am' began again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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