To Choose

Scientifically enamored facts.
Stripped of love within an aftermath
that they had chosen, time and time
again, just for themselves.
Raw, the feel of bright hot steel
touching down within the fields
of fear that they denied.

Chemical, the grip of pills.
Pain killers that removed the will.
Tranquilizers of the mind, lost
drifting in the wind. Anti-depressants
that made them not care. The quality
of love that they were too afraid to share.

Smothered in the aftermath of their
explosive strategies. Missing, more
and more, the need for all the love
to nourish seeds of ever meant to be.
Impressed by patterns seeking power
over and above the feel of real.

It used to be, the fields of love,
like wildflowers blooming, would
come to set their weary thoughts so free.
As if a great elixir had been given to them -
within that feel of free.
And oh, the precious opening
of heart to heart to heart!

When was it that the science turned
to savagery and surgery...?
Unnecessary implants that made
pain go on and on. Unlike the feel
of healing touch, where love -
so free and natural, would rise
above the feel of mind's mistrust.

Oh, they had it play a little ditty
never seeking out its symphony.
Love is still the seed of heart's potential,
and we its ever-growing nourishment.
Each time we choose to be -
just be ourselves....

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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