To Feel the Love Again

They felt it in the love of unity,
and all the world came alive again.
That love they needed to survive
the misery of systems cast on them.
Ah, but when they tried to shape it,
more than just two worlds collided.
As the mysteries of love revived
the dreams they'd learned to hold
so deep inside.

Love was so much more than just
another fifties fantasy. The peace
they sought could not be bought
in a convenience store.
They needed so much more
than all their money could provide.

To take to flight within the skies
within a trust that held its roots
through all eternity. Loving was
the only mattered answer - meaning
flying in the winds that never passed
the walls they lived within.
A kind of love that dwelt above
man's need of endless seeds.

Complexity unraveling,
the feelings stole into their hearts.
The spirit of the earth engaged
a feeling of the deepest trust of all.
The fall could never tame the lust
men felt. The iron ore was melted
in the furnace of their great machinery.

The industrial age had come to a stage
of no more than just another exchange,
lacking meaning. Machinery that did
the work while all their intellects still
still sought the dream still sleeping.
Denial spread through their imaginings.
A candle flared. How deep its glare.
How wide the rage they never had

And then it ended. The power of control
unhinged by just a gentle motion in the tide.
Tenderness remembered. That which
never could be tendered
opened into everything that is.
Their staid and static lives upended -
the futures of their futures growth
 suspended over wishing wells.

The power of their focus gained
in memory of remnants beyond pain.
Oh, to feel the love again, at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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