To Him

Desperate straits require desperate measures.
Cruelty destroys potential underlying treasures.
His heart was beating weakly in his chest.
The storm became the bane of all he'd claimed
to love the best. His hardened reasons
turned back into him. His silver cord
was growing very thin. The projections
that he used to move so well were rushing
back to meet him in a wave of his own brute emotion.
Savage claws and pointed teeth. The words he spoke
in arrogance were coming back to quote him after all.

His fear was running rampant through the veins
that once sustained him in his self-deluded lies.
The skies were bleak and gray. The air was cold.
Shivering, the tremble started, deep inside of him.
A shivering that seemed to have no end.
Fame become the blame of all he claimed
to never feel. The turnaround was melting
all his gold. A silver nimbus rose within
the indigo of sky. There was a part of him
that knew just why. Left alone to drift within
the mists of his transposed reality,
the little people brought him to his knees.
'Twas then, the Goddess showed Herself
to him...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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