Too Intertwined

Heavy fog. The lights were blurring.
Sweet acquiescence of night's yearning.
Hypnotized by hues that blew
the indigo too far away to touch.

The longing then dissolved into
another world, a different view.
What once was sure seemed spurious.
The fog was quite impervious.

The spotlights' glare was more than dimmed.
The focus turning out and moving in.
The garden incomplete where weeds had grown.
He walked within a land of the unknown.

Searching for himself within the mists.
Sensing that he'd always be unfit.
A circle forced into a square.
The corners all too unaware.

Creatively, another path was born.
Sickly sweet, the odor on the shore.
Swift, the fall, but great the heights
he needed just to breathe.

Returning to the greatest crime of all.
Stopping up his ears when mother called.
Leaving all her needs unmet.
Refusing yet again to genuflect.

The guilt he'd blamed on her would never die.
Tonight, even the skies betrayed his mind.
No starlit rush of distant gods, so very far away.
A need to feel beneath, beyond the games he'd
always played with others hearts.

Deep the pain. A gathering of evil by intent.
Garbage sinking deep into the pond.
His silence mired in bittersweet persuasion.
Lost, the anger of his declinations.

Blurry eyed. He tried again to hide.
Walking through thick fog within the night.
His tears would blend, but not be seen.
To treasure her within the fog - obscene.

Mother love - a gleam, a glow.
Moving on, but walking slowly
through his deepest joy in memory.
Fading quickly, like a spending spree.

Discovering the price, unpaid.
Too late, her grave was overlaid.
The green grass grew around a new headstone.
Within his mind, it all was overgrown.

A sigh, too deep to be withheld.
A cry that simply would not meld.
Shattering, his heart and mind began
to intertwine into the endless flight
of here and now. Aching just to
follow her somehow...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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