Too Long Left Behind

Prophecy reading the signs of the time.
Symbolically, the feelings spoke
of loving too long left behind.
Questing for a fetish of the mind.

Emotions sparring. Lances jarring
deep into perceptions of an enemy
at large. Alien, the fire's light.
Exempting them from darkest night.

Staring - mesmerized into a state
that held them open to the peril
that they feared the most of all.
A call - manmade or natural.

Deceptive - the vibrations moving.
Pure hatred held in their delusions.
Striking out, then drawing back.
Venomous, the scent was tracked.

Seeing far beyond the mass illusion.
The master of the mind dared its intrusion.
Thinking drawn from other minds.
A different reading of the times.

As all they thought they knew imploded.
Marked by the hostility they stole.
A massive sigh of letting go.
The future must respond.

But there, upon the pond, the drizzle
turned into a steam that sizzled.
Masterful, the meaning of the whole.
Beyond the intellect, the knowing dwells.

Prophecy reading the signs of the time,
that dwelt between the lines of ordered mind.
Symbolically, their feelings spoke
of loving left behind for far too long...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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