To Ring True

'Whatever you see, it has to ring true.'
Through and through the hoops of cosmic blue
that deity created - amid the endless wisdom
of the heart. Lighter then, the hush of sky,
still singing endless lullabies.

Counseled and consoled by that one voice,
her destiny was never made of choice.
Too personal to ever reach the universal,
charismatic power of an only male god.

Yet whatever she saw, it just had to ring true.
Through and through the pain that was
created in their sensuous and yet indifferent
spells. They dwelled within the gel of form
they only thought must matter most.
For she had lived too long amid
the blind persuasion of subliminal
enchantments created by a slew of mortal minds.

They'd made it quite impossible for her -
that blind belief demanded, called self-worth.
A worm they called a virulence had settled
in her flesh. Yet still she sought to intermesh
it all. Rise or fall meant life or death for her.
Each movement of her breath denied their lies.

And still, a quiet whisper in her mind
identified itself. So individual, she couldn't
share the source that came to lend her aid.
Beyond mind's understanding lay the truth
of all eternity. It lived itself in her.
She never dared to question its arrival.
Opening, the emptiness became a blossoming.

'Whatever you see, it has to ring true.'
Deep into the core of life and death.
Beyond the strife, the answers lay.
In innocence that could not be refused.

Whatever she saw, it just had to ring true.
All through the everything of life in motion.
The deep of all their cosmic blue
was was bringing dawn into her heart, at last...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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