To Weave the Webs

Weave the webs of life and light.
Let the darkness and the fear
become the fuel for the healing.
Too much, it burns to scattered ash.
Too little, and the touch evaporates.
Let it out too soon, and it explodes.
Too late, and then, the meaning's
lost, within a vagrant gloom.

Close your eyes and feel it, all aglitter -
the weave of life that flows
through heart and soul.
Intricate, the patterns of
the ever-growing whole.

Slow and mighty, rivers rush
still fed by sparkling springs.
Arteries and veins that beat
the love to life and bring
a harmony that soothes
and satisfies.

The savage beast was full of fear.
Afraid his death was drawing near.
For something great and mighty
moved within the starlit air.
White, the mist of evermore descended.
Color into color, it all blended.

The dreams of night
refused to be disdained.
Not quite rain, and yet it stood,
a wall of moisture in the air.
Stepping through, the memories
of quiet, happy times began
to move into a bloom again.

If only they'd move through the feel
of terror that intruded into them.
At night, it only seemed to gather strength.
Its fortress was the icy climbs of mind
they lived by day. Believing that the fear
they felt must never quite be named.

Forgetting, the real memories began.
Moments glistened, wakening yet aga
within another pure and loving moment.
The tragedy had all been spent
on just creating more. The grief
began to open with the door.

Shock turned to tears, and then
the anger took them round the bend.
Turn around, and watch the dawn arise.
Find the wisdom bound so deep inside.
Then weave the webs of life and light again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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