Test it out. Don't be afraid
of who you really are.
Opinions fade and minds are
changed in constancy these days.

The paradigms are only politics.
Socially prescribed but never yet
to be ascribed as the one truth.
The numbers rarely matter.
It's intent that always shatters.

And doctors aren't friendly anymore.
They're too involved in theory
just to see the truth of who
you really are. Handing down
their judgments. All too often
in condemnatory ways.

Forgetting what it means to feel
the innocence of play. And have you
noticed that they never pray...?
For they hold themselves to be a god
to you.

Medical societies that seek to hold the power.
Pharmaceuticals that while away the hours
of your life without the feel of real experience.
Opinions that intrude and try to alter
all the essence that is you.

Even while they tell you they don't have a clue
what caused their ill-named illness to ascend
there, into you. Self-blame is such a nasty
business. But if too many others blame you,
surely you will come to feel it too. No matter
who you really are inside.

Remembering a gentle time of life.
Before the tests decided that you'd
never be the best, but only second hand
and second nature to the rest.
Long ago and far away, when calling
was the only need you had. And from
real love, response was born. It never
held you as a norm. It said you were
a precious entity.

Arms of love. A gentle touch.
Why does that seem so much
to find these days...? Corrosion
created. Your heart left unaided.
Emotions denied out of hand.
Just then, another band of thieves
would seek to enter into your life's dreams.

How can one alone withstand the force
of all the many others...? Heart grown weak,
the energy is streaming out the door.
And so much more. One instant of a virus
still invisible to mortal eyes, and your whole
world is torn apart. When did it start...?
No one can really say.

Collectively, the science of community
has led our human hearts into astray.
Intellect and reason, that ignore the many
feelings of the ever-growing seasons
of our lives. They only seem to know
the need of crises. Just there, they might
reach out a helping hand. But here, within
the real of moments lived so all alone,
where then can one heart turn
to touch the tone of love again...?

Test it out. Don't be afraid
of who you really are.
Opinions fade and minds are
changed in constancy these days.
You know the love within your heart
is true. That's so much more
than any sky of starlit blue
can ever offer you. And so,
just choose to live the love
that dwells within your heart.
It's never just a start. It is.
It's true...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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