Turned To

They follow the path of the multitude.
Over-trodden by a dark and angry mood
caused by sins that never found forgiveness,
multiplying deep inside of them. Slavery,
albeit at hidden levels. Subliminal, the powers
held at bay. A streak of sun enlightening
the lives for too long lost to all the innocence
of play.

Shadows reaching down into the earth.
Knowledge minus wisdom, all the worth
that they had learned. Classrooms filled
to overflowing. Reflections of the light
turned into devious delight, wane and wax
within the glowing moon. Wild horses running
in a flight still undenied. Instincts overflowing
as their storm clouds darkened sky.

A voice, still unidentified, was whispering
within their minds. Telling them to break away
and find their ease within these days of life.
Overwhelmed by all the programmed vice.
Claiming that unknowingness was right.
Shift and bow. Surrender to authority.
Enslaved by fear that was conceived
in power hungry minds of blind belief.

One moment comes, unlike the others.
Sight expands into the wonders
of an ever-altering reality.
No pleading prayers necessary.
Feeling into all the meant to be.
A shaft of light - oh, pure delight!
Growing seeds turned to epiphany...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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