Twice Blessed

Down-home country - filled with lore
that lived deep in the evermore.
Man and woman, torn in strife.
Attempting to survive their lives.
The Southern heat contained a secret,
e'er unknown within those Northern climbs.

Or so they still believed. Confederate,
the nationals that still appealed
the great decisions of a freedom sought
but never found. Another glance,
the lens askance, and a wholly other
vision opened out. Rebellious was
the nature of an instinct
ever leading them to this.

Oh quiet night, within the crickets'
wholesome lullaby. Electric lights
could not replace the brilliant hue
of nature's ever-living flame.
There was no power greater than
the rising and the setting of the sun.

A liquid flow of dreaming
that began so long ago
was being spun into reality.
Emotion was enhanced as it unfolded.
They felt it high and low and in between.
They felt it in their bones,
a blind release.

For no matter any else that might transpire,
the love of life itself was the most precious
feeling ever felt within a human heart.
The changes bearing down on them
were bittersweet somehow - yet still
the love held in their hearts would
rise above it all. Even as pure nature
offered up another night of her perfection.

The dew upon the grass was cooling
heat built in the days of man's creation.
And there, within the morning mists,
a magic creature dwelled.
Once upon a time,
they named her faery.

Twice blessed, they fell into her little,
loving arms again. Wondering what
awful spell had led them into
leaving her behind.
Even as the essence
of their souls began
to fall into
the heart of love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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