Enter by the wayside of a peaceful, happy day.
Dozing off within the shade, you roam.
Seeking tender feelings of soul's home.
Within a mist, you're carried far away.

At first, the magic captures your intent.
You float, you fly, you speed along
into that realm of utter mystery.
Not quite asleep, yet drifting ever on.

Across another threshold, then another.
Doors opening and lending you the strength
to follow through. Tested and delivered,
deep in trance, you start to shiver.

As visions of the underworld advance.
At first, a flight of blessed freedom calling.
A shock to lead you into mystery.
Invisible, the feelings of your lost identity.

As all the grace and glamour of your life
are taken, desperately, out of your hand.
Like sinking in a swamp, without an other
hand to help you come back up.

You are alone. No matter all the images
that seethe into the cells of human mind.
Reach out - only an emptiness responds.
Complete and too replete of humankind.

Scream aloud and find no answer.
Feel the cancer growing within you.
Emotions, long denied, will feel it too.
Cosmic pain within the pouring rain.

Chemicals can't abreact the feelings
of your soul. And you never dared
to reach eternity within the growing whole.
While all you could have been resides within.

Stunted, ill-at-ease - turned into so much less than
all the love that terrorized you might have been.
If only you had dared to share the depths
of your own soul with just one other.

Spirited reactions die, as soul begins ascent
into the hoary spaces of descent. Life lived
according to man's greater rules. While all
the strength of soul was just deleted by a key
of mortal will. Never given over to
that turning point, where lovers always dwell.

What happened to the dreams that they shared then?
When was their happy hearth of home invaded
by the thieves that hid within? A split, that great
division entered in between. As if a wedge
that lived without, too forcefully imbedded
itself in between the two of them.

Marriage vows, the legal system
Politics that only know division.
Numerical, the expectations
turning all the lives upon this earth
into a quantity. The quality of loving life
has faded into realms where terror dwells.

Living worth, impossible to figure or forecast.
Futures that are withering within another blast
of terror pending. A newborn life, brought
again to utter sacrifice, as loving is denied
yet once again. Minds rushing here and there
and everywhere. Disparaging each moment
by a movement when the musing seeks
to come to life again.

They drift away, in sleep and dreams.
But beware, the underworld enters you -
just there. Where all your fear finds
altered paths into expansion. Awake
to find another morn meandering within
the distance of the beauty of the sky.
Untouchable. Like you and I, these days...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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