Up in Smoke

The control was never really theirs at all.
She saw it in the way they always stalled.
As if they had to make a 'something' ominous
to keep them moving further on their way.
For at the base of everything they did,
the terror fueled rushing waves of acrimony.

Speeding down the street, so unaware.
Waiting for a red light - cursed, the stare
that echoed out from eyes too bright.
Denying peace and restfulness.
Driving on into the mess that only
human error brought to life.

The fog moved in. Their lights too dim.
Traveling in speed yet once again.
A blinding light of sacrifice. The red
and green unhinged by just a spot
of warning yellow. Into the crash.
Entombed by love of their machinery.
Sadistic joined within the masochism
their society thrived on.

The push and shove within the give and take.
A showpiece in the wake of all that once
bespoke the quality of loving hearts that
used to move their minds in kinder ways.
The feel of blindness caught in tunnel vision.
The cold of hell ascending as the fires
of heaven waned. Obsession was the only
faith allowed within their games.

'If I am right, you must be wrong.'
Too many songs that sang themselves
into a blasphemy. Braced by speeches
made by millionaires. While politicians
came to be fat cats - wandering along
those golden halls of infamy. An infamy
enforced by the dull tomes of human history.
Sent to school and shoved into their heads.

It always went like this, you see:
This was the time of human history.
Dry and too abbreviated, dead.
And these, the great unfeeling facts unfolded.
Class 101 that always led into the 102.
So far behind the spans of time that feel.
Life matters. Most of all, within the
here and now of each experience.
Incredible, the great expanse.
While scribes inscribed the scribbled
patterns, missing all too many threads
that still imbed the instincts that we
need to keep on living.

And then the marketing executives,
with great agility, found ways within
life's waves - to spending sprees.
Subliminal and seldom earned.
Never really worth the numbers
still ascribed to them. Accountants
joined the blend, just then, when deity
had exiled them from all the blessed temples.
Still, they found the ways, hypnotic,
Seeking the control of those
who still believed their hearts
and souls were best.

While the ones that used to clean up
that great mess of mass were just discarded.
Left to die without a helping hand.
Used, the fountain of their love disbanded.
While still, the ugly machinations found
a way to linger on in form. Waiting still,
to be reborn, and find a way to make
them feel it too. How intimate, the sex
they always used to draw them in.

Animal in nature. Found in ancient instincts
long denied in life's descent. The power
fueling their decadence. Words flowing
from their lips, turned into just another
stream of mired obscenity. Thinking
that they would survive it all. Falling
in another major squall. Never come
into the knowingness that urged the masses
to move on, and up, across the bridges
they once thought they'd burned.

Yet here we are. At war again.
The enemies and friends no longer
seem to know the difference spent.
While all the best of advertising agents,
fall into the hands of government.
Where all the politicians seek an edge.
A cutting edge. Yet once again.
In an obsession that has plagued
too many generations with disease.

Whose is bigger, mine or yours?
The question really being, which
of us that She might choose. That
lady there, still looking for a tramp.
While sliding down their ramp,
she only fell into the void they
had created. And none of them
could find a satiation. It mattered
not, the great extremes they claimed.

Fame teased, and yet it brought
no alteration in the feeling that
a special something had gone wrong
before its latest birth. While all that
used to feel like worth, was fading
and too far away to touch. Even
church could offer no forgiveness
there, in them. Within the cold, cruel
stare of eyes, too long computerized.

So many hearts were breaking.
More yet, already broken in unease.
Cancer was their favorite disease.
Outstripping even AIDS within a fire
for too long held within their loins.
Tossing all too many coins into
another wishing well, while living
the insanity of modern day society
as if it were the one reality.

Afraid to take a stand. Not
wanting to be branded as a rebel
by the peers that led them on.
While searing strands of wealth
somehow impressed themselves
upon their very souls. Seeking less,
the whole would not respond.
No matter the equations that
they spawned.

But all their proofs
went up in smoke.
For the fire kept on
burning in their hearts...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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