Warm Rain

Warm rain - and all the ice was made to melt -
into their blind beliefs of living hell.
An image of chaotic worlds
that never held the worth
of who they were.

Non-plussed, the bent of vanity
continued to retrieve what human eyes
still dared not see. The loving gained
within the mystery. A touch of silent
wonder filled the whole. The silent
seeking of the soul could never be
denied in life in time.

Spaces, emptied of the gross example.
History that never really sampled
all the feelings that they held within
the recesses of all their loss and gain.
Vibrations of a pause began to beat
within the killing power of the heat.
While deep inside, the tides held true.
Waxing, waning - rising through
the emptiness they only thought they knew.

As if a potent, magic spell
at last released itself into their lives.
Reality was altered on the rock
that surely faltered mid the fantasies
perceived as living hell. Anger
reaching to the depth of all
that they regretted. Actions spent,
that killed the innocence.

Feelings fleeing from the grand device
of all the ice their intellects inferred.
A blur, a slur - and truth began to speak
of all the love that really might have been.
Warm rain within another spring
that only sought to bring them happiness...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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