Without End

A million questions, tumbling through my mind.
At times like this, I know my thoughts have
never quite been mine. And that no matter where
I really am, I'm all too far away from feeling home.
It is as if eternity were falling swiftly through my being.
Not noticing the harm it leaves behind.
With no care for the discomfort it created,
and no need to heal the pain
that always festers in its wake.
There is no feel of mercy here.
Nor any space for some great covenant.
No chiseled features - no, not even stone.
Only more questions, racing through my head.
No answers forthcoming.
No mentor. No guide.
No higher power that is conscious of my plight.
Just the presence of the endless sky.
With haunting moods that twist and turn
and fester deep inside.
And I, alone, must breathe it in or die.
Shall I take another pill the doctor ordered;
and then seek to find another space
or place where I might feel as if
I finally found a way to really matter...?
Ah, but then, the fall from grace again.
Ground rushing up to meet my face.
We start the rounds again.
Circles within circles within soul.
Seldom touching on the salient whole.
Little bits and pieces sparkle
of the joy that used to be my life.
So sad, the way they seem to fade
into oblivion.

My mind no longer cares to take more in.
Expressions left are dubious, at best.
And then the million questions start
to tumble through me, without end, again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2003 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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