A Few Exquisite Moments

A yearning left unsatisfied
through eons of a host divided.
Remembering a few exquisite moments.
Clinging to them as they drift away
Imagining you'd always feel that way.
Focusing beyond reality.
Flying high. Fantastic imagery.

It is as if, no matter title, we were pawns
of some great game. Minds involved
in an Olympian indulgence.
Some imagine they can play it too.
Those games of gods that have no dues to pay.
They try so hard to play it out on you.

Beyond the blues. Beneath the tides.
Reaching for another cosmic high.
Like a geyser rising higher in the sky.
Dispersed within a sensuous revival.
Particles of bliss that have no end.
Moving round another endless bend.

Breathing into outer space.
Taking in the magic of another moment's grace.
Remembering a few exquisite moments.
Reliving them until they change in you.
Crashing down too deep inside.
The bills are due. You cannot hide.

You're swept away within a tide
of great despair and utter resignation.
The people all around are so impatient.
Insistently demanding that you be what you are not.
Emotions run from icy cold to hot.
With nothing left to hold you in between.

You never fit within their empty mean.
Your safety has been lost and you are tossed
into another grand milieu. You haven't got
the strength to fight anew. You look for light
and find yourself enveloped in an endless gloom.
Heart beating slow and deep.

The night descends. You cannot sleep.
Those memories are calling you again.
Remembering a few exquisite moments.
Yearning for a feeling of relief.
The highest walls were built on blind belief.
You linger there. Afraid to care.
And wish yourself into eternity...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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