And Now

An acceptance of hope
is the difference that gleams
through the living of life
in the death of the mean.
It's survival.
Grabbing on a star that
travels on into the ever.
Giving reverence to the moon
that guides us through the dark of night.
Realizing brightness is a cyclic
force that can't be gained
within a nightmare's frame.
When waiting is the only choice
that we have left right now.
Waiting for the darkness to abate.
Clinging to that point of light inside.
Refusing to be waylaid by the sight
of some unearthly vision passing.
It's there in the feel.
And the insight is real.
It never was imagined.
As if a gnosis of imagination
delved into the core of all we are.
Knowing without proof of incremental,
ever detrimented senses. Five has never
reached the crux at all. The numbers
travel on to realms that live between
the high and low. The light has been
exposed. And now, the dark must
be admitted and transcended by our souls...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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