Ardently Amiss

So cold and so hot, all at once.
The heat of the sun 'neath the icy cold rain.
Pouring down into a form named man.
Beads of sweat that formed an icy pallor.
It never really was about their valor.
For the world of men was made of mice.
Clinging to the wrong of vice

The meaning lost. Glide o'er the frost.
And make it anyway. Don't question it.
Their pitch was so alive. You just can't quit.
More than any mere obsession.
Gravity without equations.
Zero hour. The ground would hold you still.
Everything is now. The future nil.
Instinctively, the time to kill came down.
To no more than another feel arising
in a host of flesh that did not wish to die.

They let it flow, in puddles weeping.
Like rain clouds, the divine was keeping
everything they were away from harm.
Spirit flying overhead.
Protection from that dreaded death.
If felt as if it were no life at all.
As if each movement ended in a stall.
You moved but nothing moved in you.
You loved but never could improve
the feel of all that had gone missing.

Midnight hour. Within the mists.
Where shadows rose and spirits kissed.
You walked along alone, still unforgiven.
You couldn't figure what your sin had been.
Gliding then, upon a wind that seemed
to seek the morning light, like you.
Mists burning up into a clarity.
Lost nature found. But not for long.
Society would take the day again.
Insanity in preplanned increments.

Somehow, the duty seemed obscene.
Where once it held a meaning.
The tapestry was worn.
Your head was spinning.
You tell yourself the same old tale.
Just make through another day in hell.
Seeking out the cool of night.
Where spirit, ever burning bright,
could breathe. Floating in a
vast relief of stars. Moon drifting
in and out of clouds. Mind adrift.
The warring shrouded over
by a sweet and sultry kiss.

Refusing to sleep
as your soul played repeat.
Yet thinking it was only memory.
Rising, falling, spiraling.
Seeking past the misery.
Wanting, needing.
Always seeking.
All that was so ardently
amiss within your heart...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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