A Sense of Divinity

Searching for a sense of divinity
in a society enthralled by sensation.
As if a rise and rush were all there were.
Unconnected, unredeemed.
Muddied by another great extreme.
Daunted by the habits of the times.
Haunted by a feeling that is
never quite sublime.
A second full of ecstasy,
then back to work again.

There is chemistry.
And electricity.
But then there is the surge
of soul in motion.
Reaching toward another round
of pure enlightenment.
Entwining bits and pieces
of our lives into an other
place and time.
Creating themes that rhyme
with great emotion.
Like looking in a newborn baby's eyes.
And finding the blue of skies
must be dimmed by what you see.
Or finding in a gentle touch
the very thing you need.

So simple and so sweet,
such moments greet us,
like an angel reaching down.
Touching close, but never found
within a scientific definition.
A sense of divinity.
Searching for our souls.
Finding what we used to know
of love...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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