As I Reach

You can't possibly imagine
how much I still miss
our loving moments together.
In a span of time too short
to do love justice.

It was there, my heart.
So rare and true.
A rosy shade amid
the blues that leave
such aching in my soul
these days.

I could never understand
the choice you made.
That day you left,
too high to be let down.
Yet I have felt your pain,
unsparingly complete,
since then.

Looking back,
while feeling now,
it seems as if our love
were just insane.
Yet never have I felt
a love so true.

Yours and mine.
The two of us together.
Warm breath from mouth
to mouth that warmed
the snow within the air.
No matter where we faired.
The two as one.

Yet still, it wasn't right.
Not according to the might
of the society that raised us.
And you had never found
the strength to leave the need
of social creed behind.

And so we weep
as time itself recedes
into the indigo.
Cycles passing.
Memory impeaching
yet another movement
based on unclaimed destiny.

The air is calm.
While spirits long embalmed
shout out in need -
of yet another loving memory.
Denied, they turn an awful
wrath upon our weary souls.

Stars shining bright,
but ever far away.
The way you made
yourself to me.

But still, you block the call.
As I reach into the halls
of fading memory again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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