Became Too Much

Cooling down.
The heat became too much.
Sizzling with every little touch.
Lungs aching for the coolness
of an endless waterfall.
No one comes, no matter how we call.
There are no answers here or there.
The sciences have been laid bare.
Glaring, their mistakes were hidden deep.
There is a magic that adheres to ancient keeps.
Taunts that drive a mind insane.
Ghoulish figures playing games.
Wizards underneath the warlocks' masks.
Imperious predictions came to pass before their eyes.
Erroneous convictions judged by only enterprise.
Killing for the right to win the prize.
Stunted visions. Reaching for the gold.
Jeweled cups to hold their heathen brews.
Another death. Another king arises.
Arrogantly speaking of the vices
that he tries to hide within.
The knights in shining armor dulled.
The coffers overflowing, more than full.
Starving people in the streets.
Rotting vegetation in once golden fields of wheat.
A dizzy spell. The quickening.
Another king was sickening.
When was it that the heat became too much...?

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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