Because of You

A photo album
full of memories.
It feels so empty now
within this endless winter breeze.
I don't know what to pray for anymore.

So many prayers left to questions never answered.
Fading into yesterday, experience relives itself,
in pictures pasted in a scrapbook. Revealing
the worth of truly being - without want, within
a moment taken out of time and space.
Lived again within eternity.

Just off the track, the mainland waits
in awesome states of beauty. Mountains tower.
Falling into grasslands that hold loving solitude.
And there, upon the shore, the golden sands
are moved within our loving motion. Reaching
for the evermore with you. The rainbows bend.
The end must be amended.

Waiting here brings only misery.
There becomes no more than just
another point where feelings of this apathy
corrode the beauty given. All because of you.
The point, the sword, the feint, the score.
Heart broken through and through.
Because of you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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