Begin It Again

Begin it again.
There is one little thread
of misconception ruining the weave.
Unraveling the star-crossed deeds
of greedy desperation.

Begin it again.
Remembering the innocence.
The bright and shiny look
of newborn eyes.
Rising from below to up on high.
Recognizing every repetition.

Begin it again.
Now remembering threads
of a dream you thought lost long ago.
The tapestry is moving on.
Undulating under crowns of glory.
Basking in another fabled story
of a war that can't be won.

Begin it again.
As your head starts to spin
itself into a universal
point of recognition.
Where dark feeds the light
and the shadows delight
in the feel that indifference brings.

Begin it again.
Draw it all in a circle.
Stem cells rebounding out of time.
The roots are reaching deep
into the ground of earth and flesh.
While branches sway within
an endless wind.

Begin it again.
Rise up out of the corner.
Work your way back to the center.
Absorb the pain of innocence gone wrong.
Now another song is being sung for you.
It's not about the follow through.
It grows of letting go.

Begin it again.
Watch the threads as they spin
another take upon the scene
of all that you thought you had been.
Lifted with the force of hurricanes.
Sifting through the trash of the remains.
Discovering another rush of pain.

Begin it again.
Just by letting it end.
And the grief must begin
to well up in the aftermath
of gain...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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