Brilliant Cynicism

White hot light of brilliant cynicism.
Impassioned insanity put on display.
Bombs exploding. Light arrays.
Human intelligence let out to play.
Laser light that doesn't burn.
Children dying in the turn
of white to black.
So lost within the gray.
Bright light that in darkness grew.
Precisely aimed through indigo.
Undoing all the good of starlit hues.
In evil born of mortal minds.
Believing power was divine.
There, within a sniper's snare.
Where pain was resolutely dared.
Engaged in horror unendured.
They died.
Never having wondered why.
Blasphemous, the pride that rang
through tides of universal blame.
Love lost within the focus of a scope.
Destruction running rampant
as their patterns murdered hope.
And their ounce of creativity exploded.
While the heart of their humanity imploded.
Lost amid the rules and regulations.
Ruined by the rounds of amputations.
Driven by a white-hot light of brilliant cynicism.
A flare that mushroomed through the air.
Distorting the potential of us all...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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