Back and forth.
Their minds were changed.
Like rushing tides
that can't remain the same.
Influx to infectious blast.
Light within the shadows cast.
Fear receding in the awe beheld.
Tangible emotions that are felt.
Sensuous immersion in the Self.
Flowing with infinity.
Filled with grand insanity.
Opening a hand to touch the sky.
Pulling clouds down from a field on high.
Flying as with angel wings.
Upheld by drafts from living things.
Breathing into other realms of being.
Gliding past the crushing, crashing feelings.
Fear dispersed into a glistening.
Spirit held in loving hands.
Rounding off the golden bands
of sunlight seeking to meander
through this flesh that must remember
every flash of light within the dark.
Landing on the moon without a mark.
Swinging through the stars abounding.
To turn the lost into another founding.
Bright nights of love as two-in-one.
Not caring if the chores are done.
Basking in a nuance of revival.
Drifting out beyond that mere revival.
To find the long-sought feel of love again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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