Closer Now

He'd loved her too artistically.
The moment's truth disdainfully discarded.
Tossed away like garbage on a never ending pile.
As he ran away to find another high.
The tender words. The promises.
The over-ridden tears. The tardiness.
Clues that stood out boldly in hindsight.
The way he only slept at night if
she would stay awake. The stakes
were never set in stone or writing.

He'd loved her too artistically.
Well-planned, a stage of distant harmony.
Calling out, then sinking in.
Patient. Passing far beyond a whim.
Why is that this newborn feel still
takes her back to thoughts of him...?
A sudden interest, turned aside.
Skin-deep, like his alibis.
The safety that he gained
in keeping distant.

Observer extraordinaire.
A wick was lit. A fire flared.
It died as quickly as he dared.
He sought her out, then fought
the very need he had created.
But then he'd only ever learned
to love at such a distance.

Closer now.
Cement enclosing caskets.
Touching close as earth enveloped them.
Flowers growing o'er the aging graves.
And yet, artistically, his sins lived on in time.
The watchers in the funeral parlor.
The few who dared to stand at the grave site.
Closer then, and closer, his descent...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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