Could Not Express

The obsession began
in a whirl and a spin.
Love streaming through
the old to the new once again.
Reality just didn't seem to matter.
The world seeming all brand new.
Looking through those eyes of loving you.
It was as if the half became a whole
in that mysterious enchantment of the soul.
Our momentary ecstasy sang out in harmony.
For a little while anyway.
The endless stress erased.
Touching on infinity.
So surely were we blessed.
But then the pressure all came back -
increased itself tenfold. As the ruts
upon the track became too bold.
An errant sensitivity brought
darkness to the light.
Our hearts were stunned.
The loving took to flight.
No resolution formed within
the endless twist and turn and spin
of worlds bent on blind activity.
The obsession turned bleak
with our hearts growing weak.
Obsessed by manmade measure
we mistook the goods for treasure.
Inherently, we couldn't speak
for fear of the emotions held inside.
As the obsession leapt the chasm,
side to side. When there within
the distance growing, all the love
was flowing somewhere else.
Falling, the obsession became false.
Shredded into particles of all that
great unease. Dispersing touch
and sound into a great unending
screaming breeze. A sigh escaped.
The tears were raped.
The greater dream was lost within the mist.
There never really was a goodbye kiss.
The ending strangulated
by the sorrow that our souls
could not express...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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