Crying Out

They cry out in the night.
I feel their pain.
Spirits driven back in time.
Lusting for what once was mine.
Like lovers from an ancient rhyme.
Postulating images in signs.
While symbols rise within my mind.
A touch of understanding
that can never quench the feel
of unreality they bring to me.
I see, I hear, I touch, I scent.
I crave what intuition says
was always meant-to-be.
Then wake to live another day
within this great disharmony.
Recognizing tones and tomes
of lovers past and ancient crones
that never dared to love.
Beloved, you don't have to cry.
Love lives beyond the reasons why.
Facts have grown into the greatest fiction.
Minds divided by a great affliction
while derived from one great indivisible.
I loved you then.
Such love will never end.
I need you here in more
than an imaginary sense.
In ways that words cannot convey.
The need is deep. The days
too full of utter emptiness.
For you and I are more than just a dream.
Together we transcended the extremes.
Within the loss, we toss and turn.
While deep inside the fire burns.
Crying out within the night.
Crimson red to glaring white.
The shadows never really out of sight.
The time has come.
The past undone.
Beloved, come
and be with me tonight...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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