Feminine Persuasion

Wish and hope and think and pray.
Watch your dreams all run away.
The endings aren't happy after all.
Those happy ever after's are a myth.
While all we women crave to hear
is no more than a lie upon their lips.
The desecrated feminine.
Men turn our love into a sin.
Then whine about the way
that no one cares.
Especially them.

Wish and hope and think and pray.
They use us up and throw away
the best we could have been
without them near.
I am. Yet I am not like them.
Too tired of trying to prove my worth
to fools who just destroy the very earth
that gave them birth.

Wish and hope and think and pray.
I'm better off alone these days.
Enjoying multitudes of solitude.
Loving still the mother of us all.
Knowing that her pain will bring
another fall to male civilization.
For patriarchal attitudes
of men that don't admit their moods.
Then take it out at night on their poor wives.
She knows our pain.
We must defend Her in ourselves.
Even as She comes back to Her balance.

Wish and hope and think and pray.
Reaching for the unity.
Beyond men's metal, molten wars.
Beneath the plight of inflamed stars.
Glad to finally see them all so clear.
Past the bland excuses of the past.
Ahead of all the waste of their next blast.
Sitting in a circle of the healing
they'll never get to feel.
Here, within, where all my love is real.

Wish and hope and think and pray.
Refuse to learn the games they play.
Grasping all the worth of earth
in natural refinement.
I am me. I'm not like them.
I do not wish to know the harm
created by their awful bombs.
I stand for peace and harmony.
Wishing only love of my creation.
Melting their mind-washing far away.
Aware of everything that is at stake.
Facing only my own fear
and leaving theirs to them.
I never was their mother, after all.
Not of men who grew too tall
to face me with respect.

Another start. Another day.
I wish and hope and think and pray
my presence makes a difference
in the end. Just as I am.
Of essence
in this feminine persuasion...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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