For Good...?

She wandered the world all alone,
an observer of what other minds might call home.
Tiredness, a feeling that she can't go on this way.
Too many endless days and nights alone.

She hadn't moved or even acted out.
But her life was changed forever
by the constant aching doubt
he had created in her heart.

She knew he'd never really loved her true.
The facts were in. Betrayal proven.
While all the many spells she'd woven
fell apart as if they'd never been.

Her children, grown, were living out his sins.
She could see it all too clearly now -
the where and why and when.
She only ever wished he'd been her friend.

Depression rose. Despair was lurking.
Blowing through her kitchen curtains.
All her life she'd only ever tried to be his wife.
She felt it now. She didn't really have a life at all.

He'd cowered in the corners.
Then he ran away from home.
The busyness pretended.
His one constant urge - to roam.

And no matter how she told herself
it didn't really matter, the cells within
her flesh told her the best of what she'd been
was lying broken, shattered by his emptiness.

Perhaps her great mistake had been belief.
His betrayal stood out starkly, no relief
would ever find its way to her.
Her purposes become a lonely blur.

Little wrinkles growing in the mirror.
Wondering why life disabled her.
Reaching for the memories that
overshot the everything she was.

Sundays were the hardest days of all.
Gatherings of families, lost outside
the empty walls of her abode.
Noticing the closeness of the walls.

Ghostly images were walking down the hall.
Gregarious, untouchable. Waiting
for the image to turn real. It never did.
For this time he had gone away for good...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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