For Her

I am afraid for her.
She is my daughter.
And for all my industry,
I never found a way
to love a man for free.
There is a price attached.
Too high to curb the depth
of all the harm that's set
in motion.

Seeds spent, the woman bends
and often breaks. And I don't know
how to tell her of the pain
that lies within the wake of love.
The falling is so easy and so bright.
In youth, the using up might be all right.
But time keeps passing down and round
the linear lives they live. And in her mind,
I know she's set to give much more
than anyone can see. In that way,
she's too much like me, you see.

Therein lies the mystery of love.
Pushing down to find the up above.
Too often disregarded in a hectic
way of life. All to soon, the strife
begins again. More than stranger,
less than friend. Invisible, the blend
begins to mesh. Caught within the
primal fear he left. A miracle of
life - his child - a gift. Abandoned
by the fury of his ever growing bliss.

They let him go, yet held him back.
The nights grew long. The dogs attacked.
They never really had a chance at all.
The children grew but kept on feeling small.
The love flowed on. The bliss is gone.
So much lost and nothing can be found.
He staggers back. A heart attack.
The loving didn't lose him after all.

Scenarios that cast themselves
within a feel of dark. The loneliness
attacks you in the park. And here,
the fear becomes so clear.
I want much more for her
than what I got...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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