Given Pain

I was an entity to him.
Alienated by borders of skin.
Susceptible to the entrance
of his less than human spirit.
He looked at me coldly.
Like sun on ice, his eyes
became a tundra of
his hidden cruelty.
He saw another animal.
No more.
His mind was clear,
but his heart was muddy.
His vision so distinct that
it ignored the very auras of all life.
He thought it so, and so it was for him.
He said he loved me,
but erased the meaning
before he ever handed me the words.
It wasn't much of a gift.
He played with my beauty
and then he shattered it;
like crystal cracked beyond repair.
Then acted like it didn't matter.
His emotions were tainted
by grief and by greed.
He never really cared about
the power of the seeds he sent
into the hallowed halls of other forms.
Blowing up the peace they had created.
Leaving them ravaged and raw and in pain.
He gained from others' love
before he threw the shells away.
Mere husks of what they used to be.
Inherently his seeds had changed
the best of me into the worst of him.
Mesmerized, I slowly drowned
within his warped embrace.
Only alive within the sureness
that he really never gave a damn
for me within his graven, given pain...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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