The days, they just go on and on.
I can't seem to make it matter since you left.
Success is so much more than being best.
Without your love, the living doesn't seem
to matter very much at all.

Time slips by. The days are long.
The night that used to sing its sad,
sweet songs is reaching into me.
It seeks an utter silence.
The weeks pass by.
Remembering the days of you and I.
As months slip-slide into another season.

And life goes on without the many reasons
once believed in by my heart. While in
my mind, I just can't seem to start to carry on.
On to what...? Without you here, the meaning
has been lost. To where...? I know you simply
won't be there. When...? It doesn't matter, for
each time I call your name the utter silence
just descends in me again. Utterly, completely -
not a whisper, nor a frame of pictured bliss.
Each night, I lay me down to sleep
within a bed I'm learning to despise.

I move, but movement brings more pain.
I sit and watch the pouring rain inside.
An autumn breeze, so cool it makes
this August seem obscene. No arms
to hold me near. No hands enfolding mine,
so dear, that held back all of my despair.
Sensuous and bittersweet. Playfully
initiated. Moments of forever left behind.

Life used to be a symphony, now all the leaves
are falling to the ground. An absence that is
blocking out the sound. An emptiness that
never quite responds. Limbo. Heaven. Hell.
They're all the same to me these days.
I open up my eyes and still, you're gone...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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