Healing Energy

Soft radiance of healing energy.
Waterfall, aflame with sunlit sparkles.
Running through a stream of weeping wonder.
Behind, a cave of healing mystery.
Crystals weaving in and out of time
composed of so much more
than any mortal fantasy.
A place that frees
the meant-to-be
into a new reality.

No burst, no shock, no roiling wave.
Joy abounding. Fancy free
in nature's great simplicity.
Form enhanced.
Becoming self.
Discovering a wealth
that never took the form of gold.
In knowing, drifting past the jealousy.
Where words are kindly spoken
to betoken all the love
our hearts can hold.

Shared and then expanded.
Streaming through the fashions
of those minds that seek a fact
that always dies within
their complex acts
of wild imagination.
Fostering the holy child inside.
Embracing every moment's innocence.
Sensing without seeking sense at all.

From far and wide, they traveled there.
Beyond the social need of care.
They learned it well.
The water falling crystalline and clear
in soft, sweet mists of healing energy
And there where nature's wisdom dwelled,
it grew inside and multiplied.
Sweet grace of blessing in an Earthen tide...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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