History Repeats Itself

The antichrist. The one who didn't die.
Refusing torture and the sacrifice.
Calling themselves Christians
while believing they are gods.
Elitist snobs ignore the mobs.
Or so they think, before they sink
into the depths of their humanity.
Where deep within the shadows
of the other side of life, a slice
of truth is carved deep in skin.
Blood leaking out of marbled white.
The upper crust disintegrating.
Finally orced into the fight.
Leaders caged within a stinking
parody that leaves them stale.
A democracy of graduated stages;
merely miming ancient aristocracies.
The king elected president.
The queen still quietly suppressed.
Knights armored in the latest fashion.
Trained in arts of military action.
Efficiency expanding in a capability
they swear upon a bible isn't murder.
Indoctrinated into hierarchies.
Duty born and sworn and forced upon
the lower classes. Bullied into
seeking out the brashness of brutality.
Rewarded for their efforts
by a medal of futility.
As history repeats itself again...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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