I Heard You

You asked me if I heard you.
Yes, of course I did.
Waking and sleeping
Online or off.
You were there.
Bursting my bubble.
Bringing me down.
Unable or unwilling
to make yourself
a reality to me.
You are air and electricity.
You touch only the keys,
not really me.
You masturbate
instead of making love.
Your words become
mere promises unkept.
I've had enough of those
to fill me up with agony.
My needs unmet.
The boundaries set.
Only surreal.
On occasional weekends
you flew into town,
complaining of the expense.
I felt so used.
Oh yes, by you.
So yes, I heard you.
Keys tapping in the night.
Keeping me awake
within the dark.
Sent messages that flew away
and mostly made my cry,
for every time I tossed
and turned, I found
no one was really there.
And so you see,
I heard you all too clear.
For all too many years.
Creating dreams that
ripped my heart apart.
Because you never
made them real.
Typed words that
said forever love.
You never made it through.
Sizzling, the pain became too true.
I know your ways. They never stay.
You are an abstract painting,
weeping through the rain.
Eternity became mere thought
instead of endless days and
nights of love between we two.
So go away. Both night and day.
I need my soul to be with me,
not you...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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