In Future Changes

Old people in a home.
Minds free to roam.
Back into the past
in future changes.

Blasts of the most terrible
refrains as they let loose
the pain their minds once
chose to hide.

Once impeded, all the grief
would be itself, at last,
in space and time.
Cathedral bells would chime
through all the things they once
thought yours or mine.

The systems too adhesive
to admit the greater loss.
Born and buried. Numbers
once assigned. Conundrums
of their feelings once confined
began to move through channels
blocked too long by thoughts
that never seemed to rhyme.

And yet, the pennies saved
o'er years of prayers, were
auctioned off like slaves
upon a block. As naked bits
and pieces of their lives
were torn apart.

It is appalling.
The little bits of time
that we spend mourning.
Freezing out the voice
of heart and soul.

While there, within the whole,
their voices call to us to waken
to the real within the feel
of all we are
and must be meant-to-be...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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