An angel of light
hid the darkness inside.
Unknown to itself,
it crept out in the night.
And ran through days
of soul too unappeased.
Adept in its evil appeal to the masses
who thought human sight must be all
that is real. Spirits roamed
along the road it tread.
Following the brightness
that hid evil in its bed.
Taunting and teasing.
Offering a momentary pleasure
in exchange for any lasting happiness.
And an oppressive feel of safety
that would drive them to the death
of all the best they might have been.
If only they hadn't succumbed
to its power of play.
It claimed an altruistic purpose.
While the pose of a glittering image
was all it exposed. Time went on.
The darkness festered.
Into an awful strength that simply
could not be contained.
There were some who saw it
in their eyes, when they removed
the truth of physical remains.
It was a virus of hypnotic power.
Reaching into minds that really
never knew how goodness played
with evil in the vastness of their souls...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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