It Seems

It seems better sometimes.
A little here, a little there.
The sorrow seeping out in tears
that sometimes seem to have
no end at all. Just then
the endless fall looks up,
remembering again.
Days of youth and vibrant energy.
Before the couth became emergency.
Stilted by the great extremes.
Exposed within a vagrant dream.
Beyond the touch of name or property.
Where innocence is there, but changed.
Not in a pleasant way.
And we learn again,
the lesson of acceptance.
For all we wish our world to be
a land of living harmony,
a manmade force will intervene.
Insisting that we must delve deep.
In contraband as angels sleep.
The devils are your brothers
and your sisters. Led astray.
Within the way you think.
Blink, and all the world changes.
Colors leached back to
the black and white that once
could soothe your troubled life.
Before the future was indentured
by the greed now manufactured.
Assembly lines run by some great machine.
While secretly, the products of our ease
now lead us on. And so you see...
It seems better sometimes.
A little here, a little there.
Just before the things absorb
our living atmosphere...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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