Techniques of fear.
Their great intimidation.
Survival of the fittest
in a nation sworn to honor
each of us. Striking out.
Still powered by the few.
Insisting that their prejudice
must be the view we all accept
as real. It's all such bull.

Wired into spaces that once
held our privacy. They think
their speed might yet surpass
the purpose of life's destiny.
They are such fools.
Little men and women lost.
Who try to make the others
pay the cost of their advance.
Crumbling, the apex reaches
deep below the base.
Their pyramids are crumbling.
The land's been laid to waste.

Subliminal, we hear the voices.
Then try so hard to make our choices too.
Lately, more and more, it feels like
living in a zoo. With someone always
looking in. Their icy gaze the only sin.
The justice that they claim to practice
must now come to know their lying cost.
Her blindfold rotting out of time.
As symbolically, the justice was all lost...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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