Laid Bare

It was like living in a dream.
For the longest time,
I dared not waken there.
There, where all the essence
was laid bare. As if some
greater part of me tried to
protect me from the truth
of who he was.

Or perhaps it was a spell he'd spun
that caused corrosion in my mind.
Looking back, I see how blind I was.
Images, like ghostly fugues.
He had control of all my moods.
As if his wish were my command,
until that day I finally broke into
the truth of life again.

He was no longer the boy
that I'd loved, so complete.
No longer the lover
I craved in my sleep.
The pretense died.
The dreams were shattered.
The one that mattered most
had died so very long ago -
by his own choice.

The ghostly images began to fade.
There was no plot. There was no grave.
Just a feel of endless emptiness.
Filled as I absorbed the mess he'd made.
Loving can't be only under covers in the dark.
Love lives on within the scars
that leave so many marks upon our lives.
While all he ever left me with was lack.
The truth revealed. The heart laid bare.
Discovering he really never cared
for me...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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