Let It End

It was over.
But he wouldn't let it end.
The tumbling spin that
made her feel so sick.
The way that he barged in
to every other thought
that made her world spin.
Limping down a path that led nowhere.
Skimping on herself. Her heart laid bare.
In an invisible, extraordinary feel
that made it seem to her
as if he still were real.

And he wouldn't let it end.
She pushed herself around another bend.
Seeking yet another hiding place.
Reaching for a newborn feel of grace.
Finding only yet another taste
of what he offered her in fired fantasy.
Never quite enough to grasp reality.
Curling up around the pain of loss.
To never gain, but yet to pay the cost.

And he wouldn't let it end.
On and on, the years wound round
a simple search for loving arms
to hold her and to hold her up somehow.
He left, but still he wouldn't let her go.
He had her stowed too deep within
some hidden corner of his mind.
Reaching out past time to touch
the sense of her he missed so much.
A pull, a push - the ripping pain again.

As time went on, a sense of death
was all that he had left to her to cherish.
For it was over.
But he wouldn't let it end...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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