A spark of light.
The darkness growing.
The contrast makes it brighter.
Little glowing light of heart's appeal.
Just when it seems that you will disappear.
Depression's mist.
The fog exists
within your weary mind.
Each cell of flesh expressing misery.
A numbness full of tingling reverie.
Your lover's gone.
And all that you thought strong
now feels too weak to just go on.
You write the words.
They're all a blur.
Your hands repeat upon the keys, unfeeling.
Darkness fills your eyes. You're reeling.
Your control key isn't working anymore.
All your connections have been altered.
You try to walk, but only falter.
There is no where you really wish to go.
What difference does it make without the love...?
You seek the spark of light. It moves away.
The endless night has turned to endless day.
The doorbell rings. You move yourself to open.
Wishing that your lover would appear.
It's just a friend. Yet still, they hold you dear.
It helps a little. The spark is growing closer.
The loneliness is less than empty now.
The road is long. The path is hidden.
Suddenly, you wake, unbidden.
Feel the pain. It's pouring into you.
Proving that you're still alive.
Opened up again, you cry.
Was all the loving just a fantasy...?
Why is it that they seem so free,
while you're left there to suffer...?
Mind in gear, the questions taunt and tease.
The answers enter, feeding misery.
The truth is large enough for you to see.
You quiver in its great antipathy.
The light - it doesn't warm you anymore.
The gentleness has walked right out the door.
The trust is gone. You can't go on.
And yet your friend is knocking at the door.
Insistently. You can't be free.
Connections bring and ease your misery.
And life goes on. The web is spun.
No matter that you lost your destiny...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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