Love Me

Love me then.
With a passion never turned to violence.
That brings a rise within entrenched endearments.
Soul touching soul within the sense of flesh.
Hearts bursting as they intermesh, complete.
Our silence sprinkled with the moon and stars.
Oh, the sublimity of heaven as we sink
into the earth of our survival.

Love me now.
In tenderness too great to be ignored.
With eons rushing through us, two as one.
In tales spun of intimate and flashing clarity.
Transformed within the spin of world's colliding.
Consecrated in our own contentment.
Cleansed in gentle mists of purity.

Love me as if time and space had never come to be.
Bathe me in the springs of our ongoing ecstasy.
Allow me then, to offer it to you.
Rushing through the bits and pieces
of your whole existence.
Much more than touching close,
this sweet caress.
For longer than a lifetime of duress.

Love me then.
And feel it satiated.
The overwhelming need of love's insistence.
Love me into futures streaming
through the star-struck skies.
Love me now without a reason why.
Love the aging chastity of every moment blessed
with one unending feeling of our kiss.

Love me now and then unto forever.
Love me with a surety that cannot be undone.
Love me in the shadows and the brightness of the sun.
Love me even as we are undone.
Then love me in a gesture of return.
Even as the heavens start to burn.
An incandescent showering of hues
of light embraced by indigo.

Love me, soft and slow,
into the speeding galaxies.
Love me even when it's time to leave.
Then love me home, into your heart again...

? Michaelette ?

12/15/2004 - Copyright© 2004 Michaelette L. Romano, All Rights Reserved
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