No One Cares

We delude ourselves.
Lifetimes come and go.
So full of pain.
Still looking for an other
we can blame.
Unwilling to admit
the awful shame we feel
when all our shields are down.
And no one cares.

Success is judged obtainable.
The judgment still remains.
Condemnation hovers
as the ember turns to flame.
Yesterday was lost somehow.
The phantoms came to call.
Tomorrow is a future
that lays buried in the fall.
And no one cares.

Once upon a time there was
a loving heart that came undone.
Struggling to stay alive, it paused.
A beat that used to be succinct
was caught within the jaws
of power plays. Caught off guard,
the day seems too surreal.
The nightmare lingers on
in every meal.
And no one cares.

We wish it all away.
It just comes back.
We built the track so strong
but now we're back upon the ground
of every dream we crushed
and brushed away - ungranted.
A storm arose within and blasted
holes within the armor that we wore.
We're drowning in a sea of woe
while others play upon the shore.
And no one cares.

Glittering, the images now worn.
We sink in water as the condor soars.
Emotion sweeping clarity away.
Unable to engage, we say
it doesn't matter much.
As secretly, we yearn for just
another tender touch.
Still, no one cares.

Imagining another way.
The path begins to move and sway.
Waves hurtling the low into the high.
Unbidden, all the tears we never cried
rush up and steal our breath away.
To think we might have stayed
and made amends unto the ones
we loved the best. Something vital
went away the day they left.
Suddenly, we felt the growing old.
The deep was dark
and devils grown too bold.
We didn't dare.
The cupboard's bare.
And no one cares...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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