Obviously There

I saw it in her eyes.
So obviously there.
And then so many other clues
that spoke in themes of loving dues
forever left unpaid. With all the fortune
spent within the bent of his departure.
I heard it, too. In tones of sepia.
Distended in a normal conversation.
Leaping out within a sound
then crashing back to zero ground.
She almost laughed, but never smiled.
Her lips were set too stringently
for any merriment. No matter how
she tried to hide the pain.

Remembering how suddenly
he tore her heart apart.
From one day to the next
a great anomaly took root.
Growing wild, like those little
weeds that never seem to go away.
He ruined her that way.
Smashing hope and trust that once
flowed freely through her heart.
Disintegrating future worth for her.
For the hope and the trust
were abandoned in lust.
And no matter all his words of love,
that's all she'd ever meant to him.

I saw it in her eyes.
In the way that she stared
with such a desperate yearning.
Fire burning in and out.
So obviously there
within the mirror...

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 2005 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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